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welcome back to al jazeera members of the jury. these are the stories we are following for you. the ukraine president is speaking out. thousands of documents shedding light on the pressing si of clinton. and california is dealing with flooding and mud slides.
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>> ukraine ousted president speaking today from southern russia. white house is warning russia about crossing the line. >> we have made clear to russia that we believe it could be a grave mistake to intervene in any way. >> the crisis in ukraine is an international war of words and warning of further exka lags. >> viktor yanukovich held the press conference in a southern russian city and that is significant because it connections to russia and ukraine and saying he felt he needed to come and seek rev refugee in russia because he had threats for his life.
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he took time out to blame the west for the situation that the ukraine is in. >> fully place responsibility upon those who brought our country to this crisis and i would say to this cast disaster. they are to blame for that and those who now in power and those of who today command them in my dawn, invisible, visible, behind the scenes and the west, the united states of america, who patrons. >> that echoes what we have been hearing in russia. we have heard the foreign ministry and kremlin saying that the crisis is sponsored by the west. that is condemnation in russia
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about what is happening in ukraine. there are deep concerns. russia assist militaryized along the border and thinking that is a lot of rattling and those exercises were already orders, never theless it is making people nervous and nato a watching those exercises. in addition to the border regions and the relationship between russia and ukraine, that is a question of viktor yanukovich's economic holdings and we have heard that geneva is going to freeze some of his assets and the standing government is saying they have looked at the books and they think that viktor yanukovich and fizz hamly and the ruling party may have stolen as much as $70 billion from ukraine and with a country in dire straits that is a very serious
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accusation and they want him extradited from russia not only for the financial crimes but the mass murdering throughout the protests. >> the prorussian region of ukraine, gunmen have taken two of the airports. we have more on the details. >> serious incidents here in crimea, the airport taken over by armed gunmen. they came in and looked around and still at the airport. they are standing outside of the airport. we have seen a number of them in the military uniforms and no insignia on them. they are not saying where they are. those interests are russian interests. 90% of the people here are
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russian speakers, really feel aligned to russia and look to russia and home to the russian fleet. another airport is being blockaded by armed forces. again, nobody knows exactly for whom they work. the ukraine is claiming they are russian forces and if that is the case it is violating the treaty. that is coming a day ar the parliament occupied by a prorussian force. most of the population here speaking russian and looking to russia, this became part of ukraine in 1954 and long had a russian influence and watching and waiting to see what russia is going to do.
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they are taking comfort of the military here. more than the hundred thousand russian troops are having exercises and we saw one inside of the ukraine yesterday with a number of armored carriers driving by. so a very nervous time here and concerned about what is happening at the capital, and what is happening in kiev is the coup and concerned about making ukrainian the official language here and most of them speaking russian here and they concerned about being suppressed and they want to protect their interests here. >> secretary of state john kerry speaking to his counter parts this morning. >> i talked with the foreign
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minister this morning and they are not intending to violate the sovereignty of the ukraine but people are feeling strong attachment to russia and i emphasized to him our desire to diffuse the tensions and work constructively to bring ukraine together and keep it, to keep the respect for its sovereignty and the territory integrity. >> meanwhile, in kiev the former president's speech mainly ignore and the focus on the funerals for those that died. >> at independence square they are talking about the feem that died because of him. they are hearing the somber
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music of the funerals. some 80 people died by the police under the orders of president viktor yanukovich. the funerals are continuing and this mourning is continuing. the country is moving on but the people in the square are sad and the mood is somber. they are not focussed on a what viktor yanukovich is saying but focussed on the bravery and the sacrifices of the people that made this day possible and this new government possible. >> people are not taking him serious, the words that are said by viktor yanukovich. he's afraid and running away, any possible way. he's afraid. he now knows we have so much power. he doesn't any more. people are confident about that. we are confident that viktor
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yanukovich is no longer the president. >> the people in the square are trying to ignore viktor yanukovich but politically they cant. there is a concern he's trying to reach into the eastern and southern parts of the country and pulling them toward him and russia and leaning the supporters and the general's office is trying to figure out whether to extradite him. they are looking for whatever help. so very much a big concern politically of what viktor yanukovich is saying and in the streets and the people themselves here in kiev and the western part of the people they are moving on. >> that is nick schifrin in kiev. >> there is a stand off in florida at a courthouse. the deputies approached a man with a guy.
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this was gun fire as the officers move inned. >> the clinton presidential library is releasing thousands of documents today, including the advice give ton bill clinton and first lady clinton. we have been following the developments from washington, and mike, what do we hope to learn and you have lots of raetding ahead of you. >> 5,000 pages just for today. 28,000 pages over the next two two weeks will be released by the national archives and the clinton library in little rock. a lot has to to with the advice and counsel and letters and president clinton and first lady clinton and the reason it is peaking the interest today is of
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the potential for some insights and information and certain republicans probably hope that some controversial or scandalous information. nothing is jumping out yet. unless you are fascinated by the communication strategies and the memos of what he should or should not say. most of that centered around the republicans and dealing with them after the republicans taking over a the control of congress in 1994. a very interesting notes taken from december 1998 between clinton and prime minister from the united kingdom and talking about osama bin laden and attacks that clinton informed could be coming soon. for interesting in that regard. but in terms of scandals of
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controversies, nothing is jumping out yet. but the republican opposition researchers can hold out hope that something in the ensuing weeks when more of the papers are released will be jumping out at them. >> i said many times they hide things in plain sight, it is not announced yet that hillary clinton is running in 2016. >> listen, the white house is very aware and concerned that this whole dynamic with the former secretary of state and former first lady, the potential rivalry with joe biden and he's talking or thinking outloud, and they are not wanting to talk about this stuff at all. presidential papers are always
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interesting if you are a historian. >> mike, thank you very much. >> the first wave of a powerful pacific storm is spreading rain across california and they are facing the threat of mud slides and watching the slopes in glendora east of los angeles. we are watching the events from los angeles and what are the crews up against at this hour? >> i can tell you, we are getting a break from the rain right now. we are expecting a second round this amp. this area was hit hard overnight dumping 2-6 inches of rain. that triggered the flash flood warnings across the region and the big concern is to the east of us, in the valley, about 20
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miles outside of downtown los angeles and the same area charred by the 2000 acre fire just last month and the concern is that all of the moisture with saturate the ground and loosen it and trigger the mud slides. there are evacuation orders for glendora. they have vaegs centers there and k-rails, barriers lining the streets to funnel the water and keep it away from the homes. we have had plenty of headaches with the rain and traffic problems and flooding, california really does need the moisture. we have in the middle of the worst draught in history and the driest year on record. again, you are not seeing the rain here, but we are expecting a second round, winds, rain and thunder this time. it is all coming on the eve of
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the biggest night in holiday out here. the oscars are this sunday and everybody is watching the weather to see how the rain will fair then. they have covered the tarp. the red carpet for now. but we are keeping our fingers crossed it is not going to rain then. but expecting a second round this afternoon. >> i'm concerning about the numbers, what do most people in california saying about the storms, are they viewing it as a blessing or a curse? >> i think it is mixed blessing. we have speaking about the draught for several months now. the farmers are hurting. they need the rain. but it is one of those things you are getting what you wish for and too much of it right now. this area in los angeles is not used to rain. when we get this much rain it causes a number of problems across the area. >> thank you very much.
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>> faith and fortune, they wanted the rain and coming with mixed blessings. >> yes, the rate of which it is coming. yesterday, today and tomorrow. this band of heavy rain is pushing into southern california and spreading snow to the east and looking at a break right now from the rainfall. but the cold, cold air is pushing behind it and seeing the heavy rain tracking into tonight and the hef heavy rain is causing the mud slides. they are working hard to clear the roadways and it is hard to keep up. it is heavy rainfall coming down and posing the threat for flash flooding as well. the california highway patrol saying 158 car accidents. 46 last friday.
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that is attributed to the rainfall. so they have to brace for the worse as another round is expected tonight. >> thank you very much. coming up, a transgender fighting with the federal over the issue of social security. >> there's no such thing as illegal immigration. >> al jazeera america presents... a breakthrough television event borderland a first hand view at the crisis on the border. >> how can i not be affected by it? >> strangers, with different points of view take a closer look at the ongoing conflict alex, a liberal artist from new york and randy, a conservative vet from illinois... >> are you telling me that it's ok to just let them all run into the united states? >> you don't have a right to make judgements about it... >> they re-trace the steps of myra, a woman desparately trying to reunite with her family. >> to discover, and one of their children perish in the process, i don't know how to deal with that. >> will they come together in the face of tradgedy?
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>> why her? it's insane. >> experience illegal immigration up close, and personal. >> the only way to find out is to see it yourselves... >> on... borderland only on al jazeera america >> this is the real deal man...
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>> it looks to be a record setting day on wall street the s&p on pace to add to the high and the dow is looking down now. a dropping consumer spending among the reasons that the economy is growing at a slower pace in the 4th quarter. the growth rate is down from 3.2% and bad weather to be blamed. >> a 92-year-old world war two
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veteran fighting for social security benefits and denied because she's transgender. we have a report. >> she's a world war two veteran, flight instructor and at 92 a stock market trader. >> life is beautiful. it is such a joy to live. >> two years ago, she lost the love of her life, her husband norwood. >> the women chased him like mad when younger. >> when going to claim the survivor benefits, they told she was denied because she was legally male at the time of the 2004 marriage. born robert, she was a navy pil pilot. after the war she struggled with her identity.
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>> i would go to work and go as a man. i put on a suit and tie and come home at night and i would be a woman. well, it was difficult because i had the emotional twinning of going one way or the other. she transitioned in 1976. changing her name. >> we never discussed it again the fact that was a transsexual. never entered our thoughts. we just learned to live old together. and it was a delightful fun. >> after the social security administration refiesed to recognize the marriage she saukt help. the federal government; the
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government sha she served at a veteran now insulting her and being illegally inaccurate at a time when she's dealing with the death of her husband, was horrendous. >> after a year of appeals, she received a surprise on valentine's day. without contacting her, the social security administration had deposited the money into her account. she and the attorneys are pushing the social security administration for a policy change and demanding they get the same benefits as everyone else. it is about giving younger people that the struggles they face can be matched by joy. >> the social security administration declined to be interviewed and saying that privacy laws prevent them from discussing the individual's
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claims or benefits. >> coming up, a mosque is tennessee receiving threats before opening and forging a very unlikely alliance. i must begin my journey, which will cause me to miss the end of the game. the x1 entertainment operating system
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>> welcome back to al jazeera america. i'm del walters and here are the headlines for the hour. unarmed gunman is around the airports in ukraine. plus, bill clinton's presidential library is releasing thoses of pages of documents today, including the advice and letters. >> in california, a storm is spreading and the emergency crews performing a swift rescue and a portion of the coast highway has been closed.
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they are tracking the storms and how much are they going to get? >> they are seeing up to 8 inches of rain in southern california and getting it in the next 24 hours and the chance of flash flooding and in addition to the mud slides. an another major story is the bitter cold. in minneapolis right now the temperatures are right at the freezing mark and with the wind blowing feeling below 17, 17 degrees below zero. we have the cold air coming down from canada. hard to believe 64 on sunday in philadelphia. 22 new york city. it is bitterly cold. typical 42 degrees. in the southwest, the major story is continuing to track the heavy rainfall. a little break in southern california right now around los angeles. if you are further to the south,
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strong storms and high winds pushing through. we are watching out for that. heavy snow, they need this. they need this. but it is the rate at which it is coming. earlier in the day a california transportation department responding to a mud slide along highway 18. we continue to deal with that heavy rain pushing to glendora. again, these are the foothills out of the mountains and looking at up to 8 inches of rain. >> thank you. a mosque in central tennessee vandalized before opening. we have more on the story from nashville. >> every day begins and ends with prayer. for the second time ever, they have imbarked on a modern day
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pilgrimage to another house of worship. they have travelled to a jewish temple on the other side of town. we are building generations of muslims and jews working together and working together for the betterment of the community for tennessee. coming together of the religious groups. before opening it was meant with public opposition. they burned the construction equipment and now taking fight to the u.s. supreme court and saying that they didn't get the proper notice that the mosque would be built. the meet something showing they are sharing common goals and protecting the first amendment rights and fighting radicalism. >> for jews and muslims this is a rare event, it is especially
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rare at the buckle of the bible belt in nashville, tennessee and given the conflict that has gone on around the construction of the mosque. >> they are saying it is strengthening their faith. >> i have learned from the community that what's right would prevail and no one can -- [indiscernible] will always go to one place in histo history to the trash. they were active in the struggle for civil rights. it is built upon the idea of rabbis leading the congregation and standing up for what is right. they are going to continue to work together to break down t
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thestereo types. >> thank you for watching al jazeera america. i'm del walter in work. the "truth is" is next. >> we're just going to have to do it, right? i could've chosen better underwear. are you prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice? >> you can do anything except for politics. >> when you kind of imagine what a nuclear disaster would look like, it's something like this. so how long have you been coming and getting pedicures for? >> you gotta take care of these bad boys. >> don't worry mum, everything's cool.

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